Brace Yourself: Mercury in Retrograde is Coming!

AHHHH! The dreaded Mercury in Retrograde. It’s coming on April 9, 2017, and will last until May 3. I know that most of us fear it’s huge disruption because it makes communication tough. However, because four other planets are already in or going into retrograde, this Mercury hit will not feel as bad.

What the heck is Mercury in Retrograde?

We are referring to the direction in which the planet Mercury seems to be traveling. Planets move from East to West, orbiting around the Sun, however, when Mercury goes into retrograde, the planet appears to be heading in the opposite direction of the planet Earth, traveling West to East. In doing so, it seems to be going backward in much the same way that when two trains are moving alongside each other, and one moves faster, the other appears to be moving back. It is really a matter of perspective.

What should you expect this Mercury in Retrograde Cycle and what to do?

Problem: The general communication issues. Be prepared to be misunderstood and to misunderstand others in a way that will make you beg for your own personal Tower of Babel.

Solution: Be careful with your words and be generous in your interpretation of others’ words. Ask clarifying question to be sure that you are on the same page and often check for comprehension. You may want to communicate in writing when possible so that there is a record of the exchange for future reference. Take time to clear your thoughts and reflect. This is an excellent opportunity to write in a journal and to speak less.

Problem: Technology will go haywire. Be prepared for computer malfunctions and be sure to take the necessary precautions to prevent a loss of data. You may experience travel delays as well.

Solution: Back up your hard drives on April 8. Utilize technology less, if possible and postpone elective surgeries as mistakes are more common during this time. Cleanse your home of the toxicity of electromagnetic waves by turning off wi-fi when not needed, using battery operated alarm clocks, keeping your cell phone away from you when not needed. Add more greenery to your home with air-purifying plants. Hold off on any significant travel or give yourself enough time to account for potential problems that may arrive.

Problem: The past will beg for your attention. You may find yourself dwelling on the mistakes of the past or wondering about what could have and should have been. You may also run into someone from your past.

Solution: Don’t set yourself up for heartache or stress. This is not the time to go flipping through your memories of yesteryear. Avoid taking walks down memory lane or looking through old photographs. Focus on the present and don’t get caught up in the should-haves.

Problem: Business deals may go awry as it’s an easy time to get taken for a ride. Some may not be honest and may use this time as the perfect opportunity to take advantage of your trusting nature.

Solution: Avoid signing contracts during this period or entering into any deals that can have lasting repercussions. Information may be hidden or unclear, and it is better to wait until you can see the bigger picture.

Prepare for Mercury in Retrograde


To keep things simple, just know that Mercury going into retrograde disturbs communication, technology, and clarity. It makes you long for the past and doubt the present. Take time to reflect on the issues that you may be experiencing during this time. Write in a journal and don’t make any major decisions right now. In other words, slow down and proceed with caution.


image credit: Octavian Rosca

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