June Tarot Challenge Day 4: Your Heart

I am joining the June Tarot Challenge on Instagram created by WillowMoonMystics. It’s a great way to connect with my cards, practice interpreting the Tarot, and tracking my personal growth. Today’s focus, on Day 4 of the #JuneTarotChallenge is Your Heart.

I am using the Tarot Nefertari Deck to complete this challenge.

This was an odd session. I shuffled my deck with my eyes closed, repeating my intention in my mind. I selected The 5 of Pentacles, Reversed. When I picked up my deck, after meditating on this card and its meaning, I noticed that The Wheel of Fortune, Reversed was turned face-up in the middle of the set. I meditated on these cards together, and something felt off, disconnected. They did not seem to tell the whole story. I don’t usually advocate for re-pulling as it seems like many people will do this when they don’t like the reading, but I had to follow my intuition which said that there was more to this reading.

So I reset my cards, shuffled again and pulled the 9 of Pentacles in the upright position. Pentacles have been my story for a while as financial worries have been eating away at my heart. Rather than discounting the previous cards, I decided to read them all to see the truth. I put these cards together and read them using a three-card spread which felt right because there are three parts of Your Heart: feeling, thinking, and desiring.

Your Heart

As I begin to worry less about finances, I am struggling with feeling empty, like something is missing from my life. I am feeling disconnected from myself and desire more of a spiritual attachment to the world and myself. I am having difficulties in making this connection because I am worried about the obstacles that may be lurking. In my heart I know that things are beyond my control and the if bad things are going to happen, really can’t stop them. I can prepare myself to do the best that I can in the face stressful events. But I want so badly to experience peace, creative freedom, and to enjoy life. I don’t want to saddle myself with worry and fear. I want harmony and unity in my life.

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