June Tarot Challenge Day 5: What Do You Need to Learn About Love

I am joining the June Tarot Challenge on Instagram created by WillowMoonMystics. It’s a great way to connect with my cards, practice interpreting the Tarot, and tracking my personal growth. Today’s focus, on Day 5 of the #JuneTarotChallenge is What Do You Need to Learn About Love.

I am using the Tarot Nefertari Deck to complete this challenge.

June Tarot Challenge Day 5: What Do You Need to Learn About Love?

What Do You Need to Learn About Love

The Hermit reminds me that Love starts with self and from there, it s share and passed on. I must take some time to reflect on myself and connect with my own personal spiritual being to understand and appreciate love.

This card is so appropriate and has been showing up in readings that I have received a lot as of late. The desire for “more,” to experience fullness and fulfillment in life has been exasperated by the last four years of my marriage. While I have been looking to my husband to “fix” things, what I am understanding now if that I need to “fix” me and then I will see the benefits of that within my marriage. Especially now as it seems that we are both in agreement that we want this and want to move forward in partnership.

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