Courage to Move Forward Spread

TGIF all. This week as been one of never-ending exhaustion and anxiety. My daughter is preparing to go to sleep-away camp for the first time ever. I loved camp as a child and I know it will be a good experience, but I carry some scars because one of the worse things to ever happen to me, happened while at camp. Suffice it to say that my nerves are a mess. I felt a lot like I was sleeping through this week in a daze.

At any rate, my heart is ready for this even if my mind is not ready for me to move forward.  To help quell the nerves and the desire to pull a 180 and refuse to let her go, I created this spread to remind me of what I have in my corner and what lessons have prepared me to support my daughter in this journey.

Spread in the shape of an arrow that encourages courage to move forward

This spread helps to center your thoughts and provide you with the courage to ACT and do what you need to in order to reach your goals. It takes the shape of an arrow moving forward.

Explanation of Positions

Card 1 & 2: Fear. What do you fear? What is holding you back? Sometimes we get caught up in our fear that we don’t even recognize what it is that we are afraid of. These two cards help us define these fears even when they are irrational.

Card 3 & 4: Weapon Within. What do you have already that you can take into battle? Look, we are often more than well-equipped to fight the battles that we face. Yet we doubt ourselves or we forget about the tools that we carry in our personal arsenal. These cards help focus those weapons so that they are queued up and ready for action.

Card 5: Previous Lesson You Should Recall. What past lesson will you need to help you on this phase? What repeated lesson is this battle reminding you to reflect on? Many of the things that we face share an underlying theme. These motifs come up time and time again and often because we forget the lessons we learned and need to be reminded.

Card 6: Your Right Hand. Who can help you in this battle? We also often feel alone and abandoned. This card reminds us that we do not walk alone. We do not battle alone. And we do not exist in isolation. This person will be your right-hand in your battle.

Card 7: Behind You. This is what is motivating you to act or do better/more. It may also be what awaits you if you don’t act. Hey, motivation is everything, right? Sometimes we need to see just how bad it can be if we don’t act. This car represents the monotonous nature of existing without action. Living without progress.It’s our motivational force.

Card 8: Before You. This is what awaits you in the future should you make choices that propel you forward. Every journey has an end and this card reflects the fruits of your labor. This card is a victory!


The cards will tell you what you need to know. They will guide you. This spread is just a tool to help organize the cards into an explanation. With that said, when reading the cards, try to dig deeper into the meanings and use your intuition to guide you.

Download the PDF of the Courage to Move Forward Spread

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