A Tarot Reading with Kristina

Embrace Your Intuition

Not all Tarot Interpreters conduct sessions in the same way. Some absorb your energy from your presence and use that as a conduit for their readings. Other’s can tap into your power while on video or on the phone. And like me, some of us gon into a trance-like state that allows us to connect on a deeper level with you, our ancestors, and the energy of the earth. None of these ways are better or worse than the others, and even those who utilize the same method will have a different process for interpreting your reading.

So what is it like when I read and why does it take me longer to do so?

I wasn’t always aware of what it looked like to others when I did a reading. It wasn’t until a college friend told me that I seemed almost entranced when I did them that I began to understand my intuition. My spiritual leanings are hard to put into words but I have always felt a deep connection to music, symbols, colors, and energy. I often recognize patterns in things that others find average, and I am drawn to places and people by a strong desire to understand them. In Tarot this presents as stillness. As quiet.

This is why I conduct readings by email.

  • Tarot readings in a public setting can be unsafe for me. The mental energy that I use in understanding the cards is only overshadowed by the energy that it takes for me to keep my emotions in check.
  • I must meditate before doing a reading. It takes me about ten minutes to mentally prepare.
  • Exhaustion is an understatement for what I feel after.

When I interpret for you, you will receive a Photo of your spread as well as a PDF of your reading and a Q&A session after. None of my experiences are ever the same and the cards, while sharing basic symbolism, do not mean the same thing for each querent.

Please check out my FAQs for more information.

Be Your Own Muse!