Day 30: Keep This

Day 30- Keep This 9 of Cups working toward financial security and health! Keep pushing forward and don’t give up on the lessons that I’ve learned! Be comfortable, enjoy, and reflect on what I’ve accomplished!

Day 26: Your Default

Day 26: Your Default- Death! This is the FOURTH time I’ve drawn this card in the challenge! I am always changing- transforming, ending and beginning! Always aiming to be better than I was. When things get crazy I always return to my default!

Day 25: Your True North

Day 25: Your True North Queen of Cups The Cards are telling my whole life!! My Family- the one that I’ve created- made up of an interesting network of friends, is my True North! I love when they succeed and am willing to help when needed!

Day 24: Your Enemy

Day 24: Your Enemy- Seven of Cups My imagination is a gift and a curse! Oh lawdy! Don’t I know it! Allowed to roam free, my imagination sets my anxiety into overdrive which causes me to freeze, overthink, and loose focus.

Day 23: Your Regret

Day 23: Your Regret-Ten of Swords relationships that ended badly because of my bad behavior- because I engaged in backstabbing and deceit. I regret not being a better person and friend when I was younger.

Day 21: Meet This Person

Day 21: Meet This Person 2 of Pentacles Meet some online who understands balance who can help me learn to juggle it all without loosing my mind. Someone who can help meet my goals without forgetting to live.

Day 20: Trust This

Day 20 Trust This The Devil This is clearly a transformative year for me (3rd time I’ve pulled this card during this challenge). Things are beginning and ending and I need to trust the process. Know that what is happening if for the best and with every change comes a less.

Day 18: Review This

Day 19: Review This: Death Take a minute to reflect on the changes that I have made! Go through the experiences that I’ve collected and remind myself that I am where I am supposed to be.

Day 17: What You Forgot

Day 17: What You Forgot: Seven of Pentacles Reminding me that even in the midst of crippling anxiety I am good enough and strong enough to succeed. I have worked hard and now I must allow myself time to refine my skills and reap the rewards of my #blackhirlmagic

Day 16: Your Fear

Day 16: Your Fear 8 of Cups This Card was reversed so there is a combined fear of growing up or having to be the grown-up for others while missing out on my calling… this card moved me. I need to meditate on it.

Day 14 You Need

Day 14: You Need – Queen of Cups To be open to joy, to be accepting of love, to not fear closeness, intuition, and loyalty. And you need to know that there is someone (a girlfriend) who is there to provide you with it all!

Day 11 Desire This

Day 11 Desire This- Six of Wands Protection from and safety away from frenemies who do not wish me well! May they expose themselves and allow me the freedom from their treacherous ways!

Day 10 Learn This

Day 10- Learn this: The High Priestess Learn the difference between spiritual advisors and those who wax poetic for personal gain. (This card was reversed, however I read reversed cards as strong warnings). Learn to spot the narcissist, to understand the true motivator and to push aside hypocritical thoughts and words.

Day 9: Renew This

Day 9: Renew This: 5 of Swords Stand firm and remember that everything done in the dark comes to light! Even when you feel like others are getting over, remember that the Universe balances everything!

Day 7: Fix This:

Day 7: Fix This: 2 of Cups This card reminds me to work on finding synergy and harmony in all of my relationships. To ensure that all parties are being respected and honored and loved. Fix the poor communication that damages relationships and remember that the goal of any relationship should be togetherness.

Day 5: Hurting Your Heart

Day 5- Hurting Your Heart Page of Wands Fake friends who want to destroy wit rumors, manipulations and lies. I was this person once and it was ruining me. And now I am hyper aware of people who seem to play the middle.

Day 4: On Your Mind

Day 4: On Your Mind- King of Cups (from the digital Prismatic App) I’ve been thinking about my husband and his place in my journey to inner peace. He keeps me grounded and adds that logical voice to my whimsical mercurial nature.

Day 1: You are Today

Day 1- You are Today: 2 of Wands Inspired and moving into planning and action! Seeking the path to long-term goals but also making the necessary changes to move forward! Make changes and don’t worry about how much was put into the old. Focus on the new…


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