Monday Music Muse 4/3/17

Most people I know scoff at the idea of having to Monday! A friend often calls Monday her “Bonus Sunday,” and never works on Monday. I used to feel the same way. In fact, I was the epitome of the Monday Blues. But now, as I push closer to forty, I am learning to embrace this dreaded day.

My husband doesn’t work on Mondays, and because I work from home, I have the opportunity to relax as well. We often use Monday for a variety of family-centered activities: working on our budget, grocery shop, playing board games with our daughter, etc..¬† I also take the time to set up my planner for the week, figure out our homeschooling goals, and focus on having a productive week. Usually, we do all of this while listening to music.Continue reading “Monday Music Muse 4/3/17”