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Should We Do Third-Party Readings?

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A third-party reading is one that focuses on someone other than the querent requesting the reading. Usually, a Querent will introduce a third person into a session by asking questions regarding that person’s motives, thoughts, desires, and needs. While these inquiries may seem harmless, there is a danger in trying to provide insight into a third-party’s life and for that reason it may be smart to avoid thrid party readings.

Third-Party Readings from the Querent’s Point of View

It’s important to note that often a Querent asks questions relating to a third-party for several reasons. At the forefront is usually a desire to protect oneself from what is feared the most (think: betrayals, lies, or abandonment). Often the Querent is feeling something in their gut and wants the reader to deny or confirm these feelings. In all honesty, the Querent is not looking to manipulate the third-party. They are only trying to prepare for what may be coming. They are looking for a way to understand what they already know in their heart. Continue reading Should We Do Third-Party Readings?