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Courage to Move Forward Spread

Vivid Description Custom Spread

TGIF all. This week as been one of never-ending exhaustion and anxiety. My daughter is preparing to go to sleep-away camp for the first time ever. I loved camp as a child and I know it will be a good experience, but I carry some scars because one of the worse things to ever happen to me, happened while at camp. Suffice it to say that my nerves are a mess. I felt a lot like I was sleeping through this week in a daze.

At any rate, my heart is ready for this even if my mind is not ready for me to move forward.  To help quell the nerves and the desire to pull a 180 and refuse to let her go, I created this spread to remind me of what I have in my corner and what lessons have prepared me to support my daughter in this journey. Continue reading Courage to Move Forward Spread