Should We Do Third-Party Readings?

A third-party reading is one that focuses on someone other than the querent requesting the reading. Usually, a Querent will introduce a third person into a session by asking questions regarding that person’s motives, thoughts, desires, and needs. While these inquiries may seem harmless, there is a danger in trying to provide insight into aContinue reading “Should We Do Third-Party Readings?”

Courage to Move Forward Spread

TGIF all. This week as been one of never-ending exhaustion and anxiety. My daughter is preparing to go to sleep-away camp for the first time ever. I loved camp as a child and I know it will be a good experience, but I carry some scars because one of the worse things to ever happenContinue reading “Courage to Move Forward Spread”

Interviewing Your Tarot Deck

When I get a new Tarot deck, I spend a lot of time touching them, shuffling them, and taking in the artwork and its energy. Each deck is different even if they are the same type of cards. In fact, there are differences between cards even when identical. I find that the only way toContinue reading “Interviewing Your Tarot Deck”

June Tarot Challenge Day 5: What Do You Need to Learn About Love

I am joining the June Tarot Challenge on Instagram created by WillowMoonMystics. It’s a great way to connect with my cards, practice interpreting the Tarot, and tracking my personal growth. Today’s focus, on Day 5 of the #JuneTarotChallenge is What Do You Need to Learn About Love. I am using the Tarot Nefertari Deck toContinue reading “June Tarot Challenge Day 5: What Do You Need to Learn About Love”