➢ Will You read for me and another person?

No. I cannot read for anyone other than the person initiating the reading. The energy that is sent to me to complete your read begins to travel to me the moment that you make contact. My reading will focus on you. If you want your friends or spouses to enjoy a reading, please think about purchasing an Empowerment Gift Card.

➢ Can you predict the future?

Again, the answer to this is no. Tarot is not about predictions or concrete answers. Readings are tools for gaining insight only. The cards may show your path, describe where it is lending, and reveal the energy surrounding that path but everything that you actually do after a tarot reading is based on free-will and personal choice. I will not and cannot tell the future.

➢ Are you a witch?

If by “witch” you mean someone who understands the power of Nature and uses the Earth and its energy to help heal and guide us, then yes, I am a witch. I am also an outspoken, honest, womanist. I enjoy reading, making herbal remedies, fermenting veggies and brewing Kefir and Kombucha.

➢ Can you provide me with medical, legal, and financial advice?

No. I am not a medical practitioner nor am I a lawyer. And the best financial advice that I can give is to be prepared.

➢ How can I pay for a Reading?

I accept credit card payments through PayPal only.

➢ Can I hire you for regular readings?

Maybe. If you find that you are unable to make a decision unless you consult the cards, you may be dependent on the readings. In the event that I find that the querent (client) is stagnant due to the dependency on readings, I may refuse to schedule you. If this happens, I will provide you a refund.

➢ How DO I redeem a gift certificate/card?

Gift Cards/Certificates work like Credit Cards.

  • Go to the Shop. Add the item that you would like to purchase/request to your cart and check out.
  • Complete the form as if you were purchasing (Name, Address, email address) then click next.
  • In the Payment Option section click +Add Gift Card and input the code there.

Note: As long as your purchase is under the amount of the Gift Card, you will not need any other form of payment.