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June Tarot Challenge Day 2: Your Mind

June Tarot Challenge Day 2: Your Mind

I am joining the June Tarot Challenge on Instagram created by WillowMoonMystics. It’s a great way to connect with my cards, practice interpreting the Tarot, and tracking my personal growth. Today’s focus, on Day 2 of the #JuneTarotChallenge is Your Mind.

I am using the Tarot Nefertari Deck to complete this challenge.

Your Mind:

The Knight of Pentacles is confirming that I am on the right path. I am a creative soul so I tend to operate from a creative, yet methodical place. However, I am a Virgo and often extremely Mercurial and rigid in my thinking. I live a lot in my mind. Lately, I have begun organizing my life into more of a routine so that I can balance work, Homeschooling, mothering, and wife-ing. I work from home and can become lax in my focus by multitasking too much and forget to take the time to feed my creativity. This is a gentle nudge to support my efforts to organize my life. My mind is focused on that!
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