Interviewing Your Tarot Deck

When I get a new Tarot deck, I spend a lot of time touching them, shuffling them, and taking in the artwork and its energy. Each deck is different even if they are the same type of cards. In fact, there are differences between cards even when identical. I find that the only way toContinue reading “Interviewing Your Tarot Deck”

Brace Yourself: Mercury in Retrograde is Coming!

AHHHH! The dreaded Mercury in Retrograde. It’s coming on April 9, 2017, and will last until May 3. I know that most of us fear it’s huge disruption because it makes communication tough. However, because four other planets are already in or going into retrograde, this Mercury hit will not feel as bad. What theContinue reading “Brace Yourself: Mercury in Retrograde is Coming!”